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1. Cookies


A cookie is a „.txt” type file, offered to your browser by a web server, which can be placed on your hard disk. Most browsers are programmed to accept these cookies.


With the help of cookies, website owners can monitor and classify the interests of users towards certain areas of applications of the website, measure the effectiveness of web searches, which allows them to later improve a user’s browsing experience, to introduce relevant content for the user etc. Cookies enable you to personalize your experience on our website.


The website (“The Website”) uses strictly necessary, analytical cookies and registry cookies (registry cookies are generated when the user has filled in the forms requesting certain features on the site).


We do not use cookies to send unsolicited mail. However, if you submit your email address by visiting our page for later contact, you expressly agree that we may contact you to provide information about our products. BV does not have access and can’t control cookies programmed by other websites which have plugins integrated within our website. You have the obligation to access and read the Policies that apply to these websites. Cookies set by Google Analytics are used for statistics if you have agreed to such cookies. Cookies set by Facebook are used for sharing content provided by our website on the relevant app. However, it is to our knowledge that these cookies can’t be used for your identification.


2. Acceptance of cookies


When you visit the website for the first time, you will be notified about the use of cookies and a link will be displayed where you can read the entire cookie policy. Continuing browsing (by clicking on any of the links on the page or the “Cookie Consent” button) will be considered your informed consent to the cookie policy.


Certainly, you can also access our website without cookies, if at any time during the use of the service (even after accepting the policy), you wish to modify the configuration of the cookies in your browser or system. If you don’t want us to recognize your computer, you can prevent the storage of cookies on your hard disk by deactivating the storage of cookies option, or by configuring your browser to ask for permission each time it stores a cookie, directly from the privacy settings of your browser. However, please keep in mind that such cookies might be necessary for us to be able to provide you with certain or all of our online services’ features.


For more information on cookie management, please check with your browser provider:
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For more information related to Google Analytics cookies, please visit:
For more information related to Facebook cookies, please visit:
The cookie list we use may change depending on the service / page of our site.


3. Changes to this policy BV thanks you for your consent; it will help us get more accurate data to improve our services. If we make changes to this policy, they will be readily available at Cookie policy. In this case, you will not be required to explicitly accept each change, being within your responsibility to track the changes made to this policy.


4. Relation to other policies


This policy is to be applied in conjunction with other policies specified within the website, particularly the Privacy policy and Terms and Conditions.
This Policy is limited only to our webpage and does not apply to websites of other controllers that ca be accessed through this webpage. We have no control over the processing of data by these third-party controllers and we do not undertake any responsibility or liability with respect to these webpages.


5. Contact


Contact person: Kenny van Sleuwen / E-mail: