Rise with SAP to drive Business Innovation

Rise with SAP to drive Business Innovation

What is RISE with SAP? Every enterprise needs to develop new business models to avoid being disrupted, gain efficiencies to fund innovation, and transform mission-critical systems without business risk.

RISE with SAP is a comprehensive offering with:
– Cloud ERP for every business need
– Industry next practices and extensibility
– Analytics and business process intelligence
– Outcome-driven services from SAP and partners

RISE with SAP is built to fit your needs

RISE with SAP is designed to support your business needs in your industry, in any geography, for any regulatory requirement, with SAP responsible for the holistic service level agreement (SLA), cloud operations, and technical support. It includes:
Cloud ERP
Business Process Intelligence
Business Platform and Analytics
Business Networks
Outcome-driven services and tools

Optimize your business and encourage innovation
Find out how SAP & ID-PARTNERS.tech Advisory & Consulting Services can support your business across the entire innovation lifecycle by sharing our unique combination of business, industry, and SAP skills using a standardized approach and by using proven tools, accelerators, and methodologies.

Source: https://www.sap.com/products/rise.html